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Our reports and articles will help you understand how this mortgage program works and what it takes to qualify. We update our website constantly to bring you the latest FHA loan information.

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We are not the official source for FHA loan information in 2022. You can find the official guidelines for this program on the HUD.gov website. But they are primarily written for mortgage lenders, not borrowers.

We created this website to help home buyers and borrowers understand how the FHA loan program works. Our reports and guides are written in "plain English," so that anyone can understand them. We take complicated policies and guidelines and explain them in a way that's more accessible to the layperson.

Featured Articles for Borrowers & Home Buyers

We publish new FHA loan information on a regular basis, to help our readers keep up with changes and developments. You'll find some of our most popular and useful articles below. You can also visit our FHA loan library for even more great content.

FHA forbearance explained

In some ways, the FHA home buying is process is the same as it is for borrowers using conventional or "regular" mortgages. In other ways, it's different. This in-depth tutorial walks you though the buying process in step-by-step fashion.

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Credit score effects

Did you know your credit score can affect the interest rate you receive from a mortgage lender? This is true for FHA, VA and conventional home loans alike. This article explains why lenders care so much about these three-digit numbers.

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